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Muara Jambi

Muara Jambi The old harbor area with it’s candi and menapo (masonry temples and channels) is over 1,500 hectares and is about 26 kilometres downstream from the modern capital on the other (northern) shore...


Mount Tujug And Kerinci Lake

Mount Tujug and Kerinci Lake Mount Tujug is a 10 sq km big crater lake about 50 kilometers north of Penuh River. It’s on 1966 meters and it’s called the highest sweet water lake...


Trekking in Kerinci – Seblat

Trekking in Kerinci – Seblat Especially long trips through the park need a guide. Local guides can be hired in Kersik Tuo village at the foot of Mount Kerinci. Eco-Rural Travel office can also...