Laut Tawar Lake


Laut tawar lake is located near Takengon, in the highlands of Cental Aceh, is very scenic. Takengon, the capital of the region, lies on the west side of the lake, 1,120 meters above sea level, with an average temperature of 20 C. It has soaring cliffs around the shore, which are ideal for rock climbing. The scenery laut tawar lake is lovely and the area is being developed as a tourist resort with water recreation such as skiing and boating being readily available. The lake is also stocked with trout. There are warm water pools at Simpang Balik. Many caves dot the lake’s surroundings, Loyang Koro and Loyang Pukes caves by the side of are interesting to explore. Motorboats can be hired for fishing and sightseeing. There is excellent hiking in forests filled with exotic orchids, and trekking to the Telong and Tetek volcanoes for the more energetic.

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