Tanjung Pandan

 Bangka Belitung

Like Bangka, Belitung is also called a tin island. It is the second biggest tin producer in Indonesia. The capital town of Belitung is Tanjung Pandan. It is about 45 minutes flights from Jakarta. The topography consists of lowland and some small areas of swamp while in the middle part there is highland in groups of 150 – 200 meters above the sea level. Tanjung Pandan is stay at 1070 20’ East longitude and 020 30’ – 030 15 south latitudes. Its wide area is 229.365 Ha and bordered by: North Side: South China Sea East side: East Belitung Regency South side: Jawa Sea West side:Gaspar Strait In Tanjung Pandan, there is a Geology museum, the omission of PT Timah, which save various historical and cultural collections. Beside that, Tanjung Pandan is also equipped with zoo and Dayanag Seri Pinai swimming pool. The famous beach in Tanjung Pandan is Tanjungpendam beach, which always held ‘Buang Jong’ ceremony every July and August.

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