Banjarmasin City

South Kalimantan

Banjarmasin is one of the biggest cities and enough important in Kalimantan, broadly regional 72 km2, 45 districts and 49 sub-districts, Banjarmasin is the provincial capital of South Kalimantan. Town region Banjarmasin stay between three provinces that is: South Kalimantan Province, Central Kalimantan Province, and East Kalimantan Province.

Banjarmasin city has written in world map since four centuries ago. During the Dutch colonization Banjarmasin city is area with autonomy and have representative area. And that take place is finite a period of Japan colonization. During transition (1945-1949) Banjarmasin become center power switchover since independence had proclamation. Banjarmasin now is preparing various areas covering: Administration, commerce, port town, education and tourism.


This biggest mosque and luxury in Banjarmasin town, has occupied an area with 10,36 Ha width. It is flowing Martapura River in front of the building, which is crowded with water traffic. This mosque is built during 7 years since 1974. Besides as place to have religious service, this mosque also as supporting facilities for education of religion learn space and library, also place of the management of Islam celebration day. Its location resides in Banjarmasin downtown.


This amenity forest area enough multitudes visited by people, especially descendant resident of China with a purpose to look for benediction. Thousands of tame monkey and monkey typical of South Kalimantan “Bekatan” are free to stay here. This tourism resides in the Basin of Barito River.

South Kalimantan


Prince Antasari is a persistent national warrior who fights against the colonization in South Kalimantan. Its location resides in Banjarmasin.


Prince Suriansyah who titled Prince Samudera is the king of Banjar Empire who firstly propagated Islam in South Kalimantan, and declared as king of Banjar Empire on 24 Septembers now commemorated as day thus town Banjarmasin. P. Suriansyah governed between 1526-1550. Here also there is tomb of Sultan Rahmatullah which in command in 1550-1570. Its location resides in Kuin Utara village, Banjar Utara district.


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