Bayan: Center Of The Wetu Telu

Bayan is located five km southeast of Anyar. Just before the village a road to the south runs to Batu Koq and Senari, starting points for the ascend of Mount Rinjani. The area has several lodges. From here it’s less than one hour walking to the high fall of Sendang Gile, from which the vast fields east of the village get their water.

Bayan is one of the centers of the Wetu Telu; the local penghulu (religious leader) lives besides a pension north of the main road. The Wetu Telu supporters live along the northern side of the road and the orthodox Moslems across the road. It is assumed that Islam was introduced on Lombok through Bayan. The 300-year-old mosque of the village is said to be the oldest of the island. East of Bayan a road runs across steep hills to Kali Putih about 10 km. The distance to Mataram is measured at 90 km, or 126 km through Lombok Port along the eastern coast and the road, which runs across the island towards the west.

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