Beleka: Art And Tobacco

From Batu Nampar we can also return to the east-west main road via the art- Beleka village (market on Wednesday). In the center of Gadin Mas, rattan and bamboo baskets are made, objects with pottery with decorations and shells. You can buy lots of things. A big part of the production is shipped to Bali, where people pay much more.

The arid soil around Beleka is brand for South- and Eastern-Lombok. Tobacco is the most important crop, which needs little water. There are several dams, which don’t seem to have more to do than offering people a place for bathing and washing. Late in the afternoon the road is not very fast, because water buffalo’s are taken home. After Besun (market on Thursdays) you will arrive in Kopang. Both villages, as well as Ganti in the south, are good starting points for a visit to East-Lombok.

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