East Kotawaringin

Central Kalimantan


It is located Ujung Pandaran area seashore about 80 km south side Sampit. This beach has beautiful view and draw. Besides for recreation, this tourism object also applicable as sport arena such as; Volley, and athletic beach. Besides that, it also available with a traditional boat, which readily utilized along the beach as great as enjoying the scenery of the Java seashore.


Central Kalimantan

It is located 183 km from Sampit, gone through within 5 hours. Nature Garden Tourism / National Tanjung Putting safe various wet tropical forest types and rareness animal. Around this garden there is location, which reserved for forested the Orangutan. This location is recognized as Tanjung Harapan and camp Leakey as place of temporary relocation.


Central Kalimantan

Sampit town, on the Sampit River and the capital of Sampit regency, is known as the biggest timber port in Kalimantan as well as in Indonesia. Here can be found many sawmills, which process the timber for export. One can find many interesting tourism attractions in Sampit. Pandaran Beach is park on the seaside at the mouth of the Sampit River. It is quite unique. One sees to one’s north the Orchid Park of “Pembuangan hulu” is a natural forest in which a number of rare and beautiful orchid varieties grow. Hunters can engage in their favorite pastime at the Serayan River, which borders on the hunting park of Kotawaringin Barat.

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