Togean Archipelago

Togean Archipelago
Central Sulawesi

Foreign tourist, who is visit Togean archipelago for the first time, will feel fall in love with its rock islands beauty in this place. The beauties of Togean nature make many tourists finally choose to remain longer from initially plan. Archipelago that is located in the middle of Tomini Bat is grew by forest area, which have not touched and become shelter for the animals in it. But the real beauty resides in the beach and sea. Various combinations forms of rock unite bluely of clear seawater make the beauty of this place become hardly impressing.

Togean Archipelago is the only place in Indonesia that has three different rock areas but stay in one same area. The three rock areas is atoll rock, barrier rock and coastal rock, all become flora and sea fauna habitat. Atoll rock is coral island form that midst of its there is deep lake. Barrier rock is in a row consecutive rock encircle the island look like fortress or wall on the sea that protect other island in nearness from the sea wave dashing against. This rock height start from finite base to sea level reach 200 meters, this is not including part of rock on the surface, which able to reach some meters height, again.

Togean Island

The main settlement area in Togean Island is Katupat village that have a small market and a number of shops. Around island there is coast area, which more beautiful from other place and jugs location for trekking for tourist who have been be fed up with activity dive, swim, or snorkeling. This place is also available of lodging, for example Melati Motel, Fadhila Cottages and Bolilanga Indah Motel.

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