Garlic And Shallot

From Kali Putih a road runs towards the south to the Rinjani foothills, which finished in Sembalun Lawang after 18 km. It is possible to climb Rinjani from Sembalun Lawang, but it’s more easy and friendly to do this from Bayan. About five km before the village we can see the steep, bald slopes, which ascend from the hills. Access of this village is marked by a big monument of garlic, not a sub tile hint to the most important product of export. Sembalun Lawang is located along the northern side of a steel valley, which is planted with garlic. Sembalun Bumbung village is at the southern end of the valley.

The two villages are seen as the wealthiest of Lombok. The rich volcanic soil is producing more than enough garlic and shallots. The residents in Sembalun area believe that King Majapahit’s brother is buried in the neighborhood. Whether it’s true or not, the area has a remarkable Javanese influence on language, music and dances.

The two Sembalungs are connected by a not so good 2,5 km long road. From Sembalun Bumbung you can walk to Pesugulan in four to five hours. This is the place where public transport leaves for the area of Mataram.

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