Gebang Temple

is located on Condongcatur Region, south of Gebang Village, Ngemplak, Sleman. It is about 11 Kilometer from Yogyakarta town center. () was established in early Central Java Age (about years 730 – 800). It’s background of establishing, however, has remained a mystery. , Jogyakarta, a blend of Buddha-Hindu temple. A Ganesha enchased on its architecture. This Temple has several peculiar features that can’t find on other Hindu’s temples; such as peak of the Temple is formed “lingga” stand over “Seroja” flower. The Ganesha Statue inside the chamber sat over “Yoni”, and inside the main chamber that usually placed by worship God, here content a “lingga”. Another peculiar feature is there is no stair connected to main chamber, so this main chamber difficult to reach.

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