Southeast Sulawesi

Southeast Sulawesi’s capital is , seat of government and tourist center of the Province. It lies along the sloping hill and seaside of Bay, residence to some 100,000 people.

boast the manufacture of numerous fine artistic handicrafts, for both home and office use. Skilled craftsmen reproduce these, originals designs form, handed-down through the generation, using indigenous roots and ironwood. Visitors will find a visit to the Berlin Handicraft Center’s the Handicraft Exhibition Center valuable; both belong the local Association of Government Wives (PKK), and display items, which may be purchased to adorn the most discriminating setting.

Visitors will find frequent, colorful ceremonial events in and around . And, to be present on these occasions is to be invited to participate. For the closing of any ceremonial event in will be highlighted by the local “Lulo Dance” performed by local men and woman. And all on-lookers are invited to joint the dance, as part of the conclusion and harmonious farewell.

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