Lembar: Seaport In The South

Travelers, which go south to Lembar port from Mataram, have the choice between two routes. The main road runs from Cakranegara to the southeast to Kediri, before going to Lembar. The road is in pretty good condition. The alternative is a road full of holes, which takes us through a landscape full of fields. This road also take us along a Balinese temple near Mount Pengsong and passes Rumak, east of it, to enter the main road just northwest of Kediri, near Karang Anyar. Just west of Rumak is Banyu Mulek, a village that is known about its pottery, made in open fire. Several products are on sale as well.

Lembar port is often houses several big Buginese schooners. Nice boats, equipped with a diesel engine of a modern freighter. They form a sharp contrast with the efficient ferries from Padangbai on Bali. Just south of the port we can rent a motorized boat for the trip along Gili Nanggu beach. Here we can find nice bungalows built on pillars, besides a nice beach and clear water. Snorkeling however is not good, because the reefs are damaged here as well. A walk around the island only takes twenty minutes.

Gili Genting Island, on a short distance of Gili Nanggu, sometimes the destination is for diving trips. People dive from a steep cliff. The visibility under water is not very good and there are only a few formations of soft and hard coral. The best part of the reef, with nice coral formations and many colorful fish, is close to the surface, easy to reach for snorkels.

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