Lengkuas Island

Bangka Belitung

Belitung Island is surrounded by small islands, such as; Nasik island, Lima island, Lengkuas island, Melindung island, Seliu island, Nadu island, Mendanau island, Batu Dinding island and the other small islands. One of them is Lengkuas Island. Lengkuas Island is a small island, placed in North of Tanjung Binga village. This island is surround by several granite rock islands that can reach by just walking cross the seawater that less than 1,2m depth. Those granites are also various unique forms. The water is totally clean, so we can easily see the bottom of sea as well as fishes swimming inside the water. It is a nice place for playing in the water or snorkeling.

This is a small island that unique, because it has a lighthouse and exciting scenery around it that can be enjoy from the top of the lighthouse. The Dutch builds this lighthouse in 19 century. The beach is totally crystal clear water, which has its white sandy. There are some granites island that can reach by swimming or walking through the water, which is less than 1,5 meter. The other islands that interest to visit is Burung Island, Babi Island, Pengadaran Island, Lutung Island, Kera Island dan Jenang Island.

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