Leuweung Sancang

includes the conservation areas, which is located in Cibalong district. To reach the site, we need a -5- hour or a -118-kilometer trip from Garut. The long trip must be taken, as the road condition is stony. But it is an outrageous journey as we can see the Natural Conservation Area, the area of tropical rain forest with multi function. The natural conservation area, which is protected by law, covers 2,157 hectares of land.

The charm of the site is that we can walk inside the forest while looking at a number of endangered species. _Unique animals that live in Leuwung Sancang Natural Conservation Area is buffalo (Bos Javanicus), Merak bird (Papo Muticus), Mencek (Muntiacus Muntjak), while plants that exist in there are Palahlar (Diptek Ocarpuspee dir), Kabao (Dipterocarpus Gracilis), Werejit (Excoecaria agallocha lin). However, this area could only be used for tourism activities that are related with education and research.

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