Majene Regency

Majene regency has position of a real strategic region, located in north side Makassar city. The regional wide 947,84 Km2, with traveled distance from capital of South Sulawesi is about 302 Km, equipped with mains terminal and assistant terminal, transportation system of water territory have been provided some supporting facilities for ports that is Majene port in Banggai district, Palipi port Sendana district and a seaport in Pamboang district and Malunda district. Majene regency is also the commerce area that is supported with such supporting facilities for commerce like; permanent market and emergency market.

In small industrial sector, has a real bright prospect, because there are 2949 small industrial units, which spread over in all district and can permeate 5467 labors. The potential small industry is processing of saline fish, ceramics making, worker and copra making. While pledge commodity is weave industry gedongan silk case mandar.

Breeding Sector

In breeding sector, Majene regency has big livestock potency expansion like buffalo, ox, Horse, Goat and also small livestock, and poultry like duck, race chicken and local chicken, which its population is always grew, special is big livestock like goat are looked after by the public for other and local requirement, while for inter island trade as for small livestock destined for local consumption.

To draw the foreign countries tourist and also domestic, it have been provided and developed by some tourism objects which spread over in each district, both nature, maritime and culture tourism. Special the pre-eminent tourism object it has been developed Dato Pangele White Sands beach, Bonde-bonde White Sand beach, Macula Limboro hot spring that have beautiful nature panorama. Majene regency have tourism attraction which do not fail to draw it, like Mandar traditional ceremony, Mandar-Majene Ethnical Dance, Public Sea transport and making of mandar palm oil.

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