Mamasa Regency

is one of regencies in West Sulawesi Province. Capital of Mamasa, around 252 km from Makassar town, can be gone through 6 hours by using car. From parepare town, center inwrought economic expansion area in West Sulawesi province about 100 km. Its region wide is 275923 Km2 that consisted of 10 Districts and 123 Villages.

Geographically, Mamasa regency lay in co-ordinate between 12o 5 until 12o 50 00 South Latitude and 2o 400 00 to 3′ 32′ 00 East Longitudes with the region boundaries are:
North side: Mamuju regency
South side: Polmas regency
East side: Tator regency and Pinrang regency
West side: Mamuju regency

Agricultural sector

The Agricultural Produces of Mamasa regency are between of paddy, corn, cassava, parsnip, peanut, green peanut, soybean, vegetables and fruits.

Breeding Sector

The development of sub breeding sector is pointed to increase the population and livestock produce to fulfill the consumption of nourishment public, beside that it’s also applied to increase the breeder earnings. It is between the population of livestock growing in Mamasa regency are ox livestock, buffalo, horse, goat, and pig. While for poultry type is local chicken, race chicken, and local duck.

Plantation Sector

Generally, the Plantation Products in Mamasa regency are coffee and also cacao, what managed farmer traditionally. Coffee crop being yielded by Mamasa regency farmer, during the still becoming part of Polmas regency have given a contribution in lifting name of Polmas as coffee producer even not a few coffees of Mamasa which in marketing in neighbors area like Tator regency.

Tourism Sector

Mamasa regency has some tourism objects that are culture tourism Kuburan Tedong-tedong Minanga in Mamasa districts, Waterfall nature tourism Sarambu and the hot spring in Tadisi countryside, Sumarorong district, Agro Tourism Markisa in Mamasa district, Culture tourism house custom, Traditional Countrified is Ballapeu Countryside.

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