Mamuju Regency

is one of regency area in West Sulawesi, Indonesia. The wide of this area (before it has expansion program) is 11.057,81 km_. The residents’ number of this regency is 296.229 men. Mamuju regency reside in West Sulawesi coastal area, its situation is very strategic because it is triangle gateway, which connected South Sulawesi Province – Central Sulawesi – East Kalimantan, so the 11057,81 km2 width area (before bloomed) called as ‘gold triangle area’. has great natural resources, especially agriculture sector that cover plantation, forestry, fishery and breeding sub sector. The distance from provincial capital is 455 Km.


Mamuju regency lay in co-ordinate between 0o 530 100 to 2o 540 520 South Latitude and 118o 540 470 until 120o 050 350 East Longitudes. The boundaries are:
North side: Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi Province
South side: Majene regency and Polmas regency
East side: Tator regency and Luwu regency
West side: Makassar Strait


North Mamuju regency has 9 districts, 8 sub-districts and 119 villages.


Mamuju has long coastal line, which achieves about 400 Km that is extended from south to the north (includes coastal line of the islands). Generally, topographical types of this regency consist of highland, lowland and coastal line.


Population regency for 2002 is 323,692 people consist of 163,498 or 50.5% of men and 160,194 or 49.5% of women with people growth 5.36% average annually. The highest density occurs in Mamuju regency about 181 people/Km2 and the lowest occurs in Kalumpang district that attains six people/Km2.


The climate condition of this regency is dry season is occurred in June – October (along with southeast wind) and rainy season is occurred in October – May (wind from southwest) with rainfall is 4,855 mm/year and 169 rainy days (data for 2001).

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