Bangka Belitung

Manggar is the 2nd largest town in Belitung. It’s placed in Eastern coast about 90 km from Tanjungpandan. Manggar is also a district with 37.845 Ha area, 12 villages and 27 small islands along Manggar district beach. Its population is about 87,049 men. The regency that border on Karimata strait, is still centered its economics in mining. Manggar was the center of tin mining activity in Belitung starting from 19th century pioneered by Dutch people. There was western standard residential area in a hilly beach in Eastern of town. This place calls as Mount Samak. Mount Samak is still an exclusive place at this time, even more pleasure with Golf Court facility in the beach close to Mount Samak. Now, Mount Samak has no longer exist in the middle 1980s when PT. TIMAH ending their tin mining exploitation in Manggar after up to 100 years in operation.

Manggar is not only about tin, people live as normal and there is always economy activity that makes the town life. There are many nice places that can be visited like: Serdang beach, Burung Mandi beach, Malang Lepau beach, Pengepangan beach, Tirta Surya natural swimming pool, Payak Lake, Kwan In Chinese temple. Hundreds hectares of sand is spreads in this regency. It has been known for its glass raw material and its soil as ceramics raw material.

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