Meru Purse

Another relic remaining from the Karang Asem Kingdom is the Meru Temple at Cakranegara, close to Mataram. The temple was built in 1720 during King A.A. Made’s rule as a symbol of Hindu unity on Lombok Island. Several structures are found in this complex, all of them designated to function for particular purposes, including the 33 stalls located next to the main temple.

Museum, located on Panji Tilaar Street, Mataram Resdent. Narmada Park, the miniature of Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake. This summer palace has a spot corner where locals believed to have water fountain. Suranadi, located up in the north east of Mataram, has a preserved forest for recreation and chill out. Karang Bayan Traditional Village, located north of Narmada Park, image of the old tribe of the Sasaks, the major inhabitant who occupied 90% of Lombok’s population

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