Moramo Bay

The name of the island Ambon is believed to come from the word apon, meaning “plantation’. Indeed, Ambon was one of the firsts Moluccan islands to be occupied by the Portuguese and used as a plantation. Ambon City is the Main City and seaport of Ambon Island, and is the capital of Maluku Province. It is one of the largest cities in eastern Indonesia.

Ambon, the provincial capital of Maluku, which is built on a hillside overlooking the bay, has a number of interesting sites of historical and cultural interests. Among them are the remnants of some old forts built by the Dutch East Indies Company during the heydays of the spice trade and the Siwa Lima Museum with its local arts and crafts collection. More ruins of forts are found such as the Dutch one at Lima and those of the Portuguese at Hila, which are almost entirely hidden underneath the contorted roots of a giant Banyan tree.

The ANZAC War Cemetery near Ambon town is the site of services held every year to commemorate the Allied soldiers who died in the region during world War 11. Ambon is at Maluku end of the annual yacht race between Darwin, Australia and Ambon. The race usually takes place in August.

Ambon, as a beautiful city, has a lot of tourism objects that offer the tourist much beautiful scenery. On arrival in AMBON, you will be met at Pattimura airport, transfer to your hotel. After lunch, visit WAISELAKA POND in WAAI, its clear crystal water inhabited by holy eel, The Crazy Bamboo Performance. You can have dinner and overnight at your hotel.

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