Mount Lokon And Mawahu

North Sulawes

Volcano Lokon (1580 m) and Mahawu (1311 m), both have very beautiful cauldron. Lokon is usually assumed become more beautifully and simple road ought to be made for the climbers in competent condition. Unfolding vapour cauldron temperature 600 m under the top of the mountain. The lake that about 60 m depth has covered with yellows brimstone. The good time to start the journey from Kakaskasen is at 7 mornings, reach the crater in morning still cold and the sun has just fulfilled the crater. This thing is important for contact the observation post of Mount Lokon and Mount Mahawu in Kakaskasen III, Tomohon.

Mount Lokon

Located to the west and not far from the resort, the active Mt Lokon affords a magnificent panoramic view of the Highlands and out towards the sea. Solidified lava flows meander down the side of the volcano and can easily be followed up to the steaming crater (a brisk walk of about 45 minutes). Ash is often seen around the tip of the crater and is sometimes blown into the nearby town.

Mount Mawahu

Opposite Mt Lokon is its smaller sister, Mt Mahawu. The gentler slopes of Mahawu offer a less challenging hike but the view is no less impressive. Inside the crater is a steaming emerald-green lake ringed with yellow sulphur deposits.

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