Nagoya (lubuk Baja)


Nagoya is located halfway between Nongsa and Sekupang. Lubuk Baja, or popularly known as Nagoya is Batam’s colorful and fast growing heart. Shops, stalls, footstools, nightlife, discos, music lounges, karaoke, restaurants and many small hotels make this busy community popular with the locals and the businessmen alike. Hunt here for bargains and Indonesian goodies. For a good time, Nagoya is the spot. Until the Batam Center is established, Lubuk Baja is Batams present center of business, trade and finance. Nagoya is Batam’s entertainment center. While resorts offer there is own brand of quiet evening music, Nagoya is definitely the place to go for nightlife. Bars are plentiful and disco lively. Shinta Nightclub has overseas cabaret acts and the Regina Palace is one of the favorite nightspots. Tired folk can enjoy a relaxing and stimulating massage in one of the many salons In Nagoya. Karaoke Lounges are big news, where guests can live out their singing talents in congenial surroundings.

In Batam, finding fresh seafood is no problem. Anyway that visitors find their way to, a seafood restaurant will have preceded them. Nagoya has many restaurants such as; Batu Besar, Batu Merah, Telaga Punggur. Late night ferries from Batu Ampar allow diners to eat at a Batam restaurant and return the same evening to Singapore. Genuine Padang food can be found at Pagi Sore restaurant in Nagoya.

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