Tarakan Regency

Tarakan Regency
East Kalimantan

Tarakan is island town, which located near with Sabah, Malaysia frontier. According to history, Tarakan have ever become location of venomous encounter at Second World War between Japan armies and Australian army. 235 Australian armies died at the encounter. Some houses in Tarakan still having stripper cannon rest of world war that put down in house yard as supply of garden and lawn. In Tarakan there is Australian army cenotaph in location, which is become a military complex. This cenotaph is built in memory of coping to die Australian army to free Tarakan from Japan occupying. In other location there is Japan grave residing in ex Japan bunker in hilly area. This tourism object in Tarakan for example Amal Beach is a parting 11 Km from the downtown. This beach has coconut panorama to wave with beautiful panorama. About 4 Km from the downtown, in Masjid Markoni Street Gang III there is ‘Tugu Perabuan Jepang’ that built in 1933. This monument is square equipped with article Kanji and is place of obsequies the dying Japanese corpse

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