Tuk – Tuk

Tuk – Tuk
North Sumatra

The visitor also could visit Tuk Tuk to look for accommodation (inns and hotels), 42 km from Pangururan to Tuk Tuk or one-hour trip on car. Approximately 50 inns and hotels in various classes are available in Tuk Tuk. There are also several high-class hotels here. From the positive aspect, clearly tourism supported the local business. On the other hand, the physical development practical ignored principles of the business and town planning when businessmen rushes to built hotels, guesthouses, etc.

Entered Tuk Tuk is like visiting Legian or Sanur Bali in the early stage. With several shops displayed clothes and art objects, followed by cafes, discos and hotels. At night, a lot of rejoicing tourists (mostly domestic) surrounded campfire while playing the musical instrument and the typical Batak song.

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