Putri Cave

South Sumatra

The cave is situated at the edge of Padang Windu Village, Pengandonan district, about 35 Km from Baturaja. It is 156 m long and 8-20 m wide. The maximum height is 20 m. There are many stalactites and stalagmites and a stream in the cave, which empties into Ogan River. The rocks can be very slippery once in a while, so good shoes with a good profile are not to be forgotten. Guides with lights and torches guide the visitors and give detailed information (mostly in Indonesian) about legends, which are strongly connected, to the caves. The main cave is about 150 meters long; the widest point is about 15 to 20 meters. In some places the ceiling is 12 meters high, on other places only 1,5 meters. The ceiling is scattered with hundreds of bats; when light disturbs them, they will fly out all together and just miss the visitors. To enter the deeper parts of the caves you have to be slender enough to pass very narrow points. Legendary stories tell about a king which had his palace in this cave, and every room has it’s own story. The stala

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