Sangata Regency

East Kalimantan

Around Sangata, which is the capital of Kutai Timur regency there are a number of interesting tourism objects to be visited for example Lombok Bay Beach and Perancis Bay. Both of this locations are located not far from Sangata city and reachable using line earned, fringe the beach about 15 Km from the city. Birah-birahan Island is located in Sangkulirang District. This island is reachable using motor ship quickly from Sangata or Benua Baru, Sangkulirang. Besides have its sea panoramic scenery, this island also, has beauty of under sea like Marine Park with variety of beautiful sea rock and decorative fish multifarious. Pangadan Cave located in Pangandaan village, about Sangkulirang – Muara Wahau roadway, its about 20 Km from Sangata city and can be gone through with vehicle. The fascination of his tourism object is cave hole that is long enough and in it there is stalactite and stalagmite that formed from nature process during hundreds of year. Some form of stalactite – stalagmite for example is in lemonade straw form, mug, crystal glowed, transparent plate and chicken spur form. Besides, in this location there is also source of temperature wellspring.

‘Long Segar’ and ‘Long Noran’ is two rich villages fascination of art would be cultural and crafting like weapon Mandau, traditional statue and house is decorative wedding-bed. Both of this neighbor villages have admission in Muara Wahau district and located in Wahau riverbank. To visit this place is reachable with river ship from Samarinda fringe Wahau River.

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