Sinka Island Park

One of new tourist destination in Singkawang is located in Coral Bay area or Gulf Ma’jantuh. is about 3 km from Pontianak – Singkawang. The place itself is a tourist spot that offers a wide variety of attractive facilities, such as wagon, and horses that can hired by all visitors at . There is also a swimming pool, cafeteria, and many other facilities.

Moreover, in the tourist area there are also Sinka Zoo, a unique zoo which surround the mountain, so that from this zoo we also can enjoy the beauty of the sea from above. Sinka Zoo is located in and become one of the tourist attractions in Singkawang. The uniqueness of this zoo is when you walk around this zoo you will see the beauty of the sea from the top of the mountain. The one certainly interesting from this place is Simping island, the smallest island in the world that has been recognized and listed in United Nations as the smallest island in the world.

Beside Simping Island, there also Bajau beach. This beach is rather rocky so it makes you difficult to swim. In this tourism area, the visitors can enjoy the beauty of the beach accompany with wagon or horseback riding that rented.

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