Kaget Island

Kaget Island is a delta island located in the middle of Barito river included in the administrative area of Tabunganen district, Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan. Kaget island located near the mouth of Barito river. It needs about 15 minutes to the island by speed boat from Banjarmasin city, or about 1,5 hour using Kelotok (traditional boat in Kalimantan).

Kaget Island is a habitat for big long-nosed Monkey or by locals called Kera Belanda (Monkey) / Proboscis because they have long nose, red face and belly fat. These animals has become mascots South Kalimantan, living wild and shy, easily seen / encountered during the morning or afternoon. Proboscis foods are fruits and most preferred is Rambai tree fruit that grow on this island. And several species of birds also live here. Kaget island region is also one of the tourism destination that settled in forest area in Barito Kuala.

When Kelotok with visitors come to Kaget island, they will “welcomed” tens or even hundreds of residents of the island and the endangered species was jumping for joy from one tree to another. Maybe they meant a welcome to the guests. Shocked “addressed” by long nose animals for anyone who approached the proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus) habitat, the island was named Kaget (shocked) Island after. This island has 85 hectares width area. The Minister of Agriculture then give the status as Nature Reserve of Kaget Island(CAPK) since 1976 in order to protect Warik (popular name for the proboscis by local people) and its habitat.

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