Kembang Island

Kembang island is a delta for about 60 hectares which located in the middle of Barito river and has become habitat for long-tailed macaques (monkeys) and several species of birds. In this tourism forest you will meet an altar as a place to put offerings for “guard” Kembang island who symbolized with two statues of white ape (Hanuman), by the community of Chinese-Indonesian ethnic who have certain vows. A male goat horns gilded usually released into the forest of Kembang island where an application is successful or fulfilled.

According to the story, Kembang island comes from British ships were destroyed by the Biaju in the 1750s on the Sultan of Banjar command. Ex-vessel debris was gradually overgrown with trees and turned into an island inhabited by a bunch of monkeys later. People who are in the villages around this new island is considered that these apes are incarnation apes. The group was led by an enormous white ape.

The Monkeys in this area are hundreds and very friendly with the visitors. Usually when the tourists come to visit, the monkeys were a lot of waiting in the dock, waiting for the tourists to give them foods such as bananas, beans, and so on.

settled in Alalak district administrative area, Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan and become one of the leading destinations of tourism beside other places in Barito Kuala regency.

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