Taman Safari

The wildlife conservation is located in Cibeureum village, Cisarua. Foundation owns the land in , which is also the management of the tourism object. Facilities in are bus, artificial lake, water cycling, canoe, swimming pool, mini train to see African style village, Bird Park, go cart, children playground, windmill, circus, merry-go-round etc.

Animals from all continents roam freely in this 35-hectare park, 75-km southeast of Jakarta along the Jakarta-Bandung route. Among the animals kept here are some comparatively rare species such as anoas, rhinos, giraffes, white tigers and European, American and Asian bears. Adjacent to the park is recreational grounds with a swimming pool, tennis courts, an artificial lake, waterfall and children’s playground and amusement park. There are also restaurants and cafeterias.

Taman safari is a drive through zoo and amusement park and is open every day. On the way from Bandung to we have to pass Puncak, do not try to do this on Sunday or public holiday because we can end up in a big traffic jam, because Puncak is a very popular spot for people from Jakarta. Normally, it take 3,5 hours from Bandung to get to .

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