Tanjung Aan The Beautiful Bay

From Kuta, the coastal road goes towards the east to Tanjung Aan, a bay that is a kilometer wide. Big waves break on several rocky islands in the mouth of the bay. The wide sand beach catches the blue-green seawater, where seaweed is grown on bamboo rafts. There is a hotel, which was closed even before it was opened, probably because it was built too close to the water.

After Tanjung Aan, the road continues for a couple of kilometers to Grupuk village, where the recent introduction of seaweed cultures, for agar-agar, has brought in the very needed rupiah. Close to here, it seems to be a very good surfing spot; the Australians name it ‘Desert Point’.

Just before Tanjung Aan a 13 km long unpaved road leads to Awang village, located along the shore of a big bay where the settlements are still very traditional. Only a few people take this road. From a hill just before Awang we have a good view over the bay.

A big number of bamboo rafts with seaweed float on the sea. The others tie colored flags on it for recognition. In Awang we can charter a canoe with motor or a visit to Batu Nampar, a village more to the east. From Batu Nampar is a good road towards the north. Several times a daily bemo can bring us to Sengkol.

It’s a good idea to spend the night near Kuta, and to return by another road. For a very nice view over the entire area we can make the short but steep climb to the peak of the hill west of Kuta. There is a paved road straight to the top, where you can find something of a hotel. The view is very beautiful.

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