Tanjung Binga

Bangka Belitung

Tanjung Binga village is in Sijuk district. If the visitors come to the right season, they will find delicious Durian (kind of fruit). In the side of Tanjung Binga village, you can find Bukit Berahu Cottages that equipped with swimming pool a nine holes golf field. There are about eight uninhabited small islands that become part of Tanjung Binga village and it’s famous with its nature beautiful. This tourism object is also famous with its beautiful beach, and fascinated granites. This island is called Burung Island (Pulau Burung). It is about 12 hectares; has coconut garden, and small hill. The visitors can visit those islands by the fishermen’s canoe.

Tanjung Binga is a fishery village, where the tourists can found many kinds of fishes. Just a few meters of Tanjung Binga, the visitor can see the bevy of fishes that spread around, which most of them is kind of Haring fish family. See those fishes is the interesting moment that we can’t found in other places. Beside that, the visitor can also enjoy the fresh fishes in the restaurants around that offer their special seafood menu.

To continue the journey, the visitor can go to Tanjung Tinggi and Tanjung Kelayang, because their location is not far from Tanjung Binga. Do your wonderful journey in Belitung Island by visiting Tanjung Binga and enjoy the natural beach that will give you unforgettable experience.

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