The tourist route first takes us towards the southeast to Praya (markets are held on Saturdays). Just before this district capital a right turn brings us to the weaving Sukarara village. Along the main road are five weaving factories. These centrums consist of traditional wooden floes, protected by a roof. Each center has a shop, which sells the local fabrics, without being pressured by smart tricks. Negotiating is normal.

Another turn from the main road leads to the pottery area, concentrated around the village Penujak. Near the ‘promotion center’ in the village we can often find people working on projects, like water jars with decorations of lizards and frogs. They are sold on the local market, but they also make ‘tourist’ products like vases and jars with covers. The objects are created from rolls of wet clay, which is beaten into shape with a flat stick. The daily production is often baked off in the late afternoon. We can buy these products in the local shop. Six nearby settlements also offer pottery products. In Kampung Tenandon, they use gas-ovens, so the creators can make stronger and thinner products. The smallest objects are also glazed.

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