Sade: Traditional Houses

Sade: Traditional Houses

More south, we will arrive old Sade village after we have passed Sengkol the little town. There are many traditional houses and rice sheds here. The building permit doesn’t allow the construction of modern houses with red paned roofs here. Small boys, which sometimes speak some English, guide the tourist through the village and explain everything of which they think it’s interesting. The government constructed a concrete path through the village in the late 1980’s, probably because too many tourists fell here.

Along the path we can now buy ikat-fabrics. The ladies, who are selling, have much experience and will trick us if we don’t see through it. The traditional houses have a platform inside which is built one meter above the ground, and is made of a mixture of clay, droppings and straw, which is polished into a shining floor. The roof is made from natural products, the walls are made from bamboo or palm leafs. Sade, a village with just more than 150 farmers families, has a big number of had shaped rice sheds on pillars (lumbung), which have become the symbol of Lombok.

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